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Aug 28

Benefits to Exercise

Exercise is important and the benefits of a daily exercise routine far outweigh the reasons to not have one. Exercising has been proven to control weight and reduce health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. It can also be fun. But, did you know exercise increases stamina, boosts energy levels, and lessens the struggles with sleep?

Regular exercise boosts energy. Increasing the amount of physical activity may be exactly what you need to prevent shortness of breathe when walking up a flight of stairs. Increase physical activity allows the body to deliver oxygen to the heart and nutrients to vital tissues.

Do you ever feel emotionally drained? Daily physical activity can improve or lift-up ones mood. It can take them from being sad to happy in just 30 minutes! Exercise stimulates the brain and certain mood enhancing chemicals are released while exercising.

Sleep is an issue for some. There are some people who struggle with sleep on a daily basis. These struggles can range from amount of time needed to fall asleep to how long or deep a person sleeps. Regardless of the struggle, daily exercise has been proven to improve sleep.

People may discover they’re more alert and attentive at school or work; have more energy, are happier, more rested, and healthier when they include exercise into their daily routines. To learn more about the benefits of exercise check out

In the meantime, get up and get active!

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