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Feb 25

I Bet You Can!

By Marcia McCoy – C.H.O.I.C.E.S. Program Development Coordinator

Today was a great day to be with CHOICES!  I had the opportunity to go on a grocery tour with Cooking Matter’s Mrs. Marcia Rafig and friends.

When I arrived at the Kroger in Marietta, GA, I thought Cooking Matters was going to just give a demonstration on the benefits of buying fresh or frozen foods verses buying conventional items. Boy was I wrong! Mrs. Rafig had the participants compare fresh fruits and veggies that were prepackaged verses whole, frozen veggies verses fresh veggies and unit price and weight comparison.  I just marveled at the responses from the mothers on the tour.  Sometimes it is the simple things we do on an everyday basis that can make all the difference, especially if we are teaching others.

 But the day didn’t stop there! Mrs. Rafig challenged the mothers to purchase food for a family of four all under $10.00. I was surprised at Mrs. Rafig’s request and said, “There is no way you can feed a family of four under $10! Meat alone will eat up majority of their budgets!”

As the mother’s received their precise directions, they were on their way.  The only requirements to their shopping venture were: NO conventional items, you have to serve 4 of the 5 items off the food groups and you cannot spend a penny over $10.

To my delight, every mother had created at least one meal for a family of four.  Some mothers had enough food to have leftovers for the next day!  Also, Chef Ashley Keyes was able to provide possible recipes for their meals and various food preparation tips as the mothers were shopping.

I could not do anything but praise the mothers for a job well done! Since Mrs. Rafig gave her group of mothers this challenge, I want to extend this same challenge to our CHOICES readers. Don’t forget to take a picture of your meal and post it on our Facebook or tweet us your meal at #$10budget. Good Luck!

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