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Aug 06

Increasing Fruits & Veggies

For those of us following the PALA+ Challenge, one of our weekly nutrition goals is to make half your plate fruits and vegetables. All forms of count (fresh, frozen, canned in water or 100 percent juice, dried, or 100 percent juice),…

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Aug 03

5 Tips from a PALA+ Champion

Hi guys! Lisa here again. I've been getting lots of emails about the PALA+ Challenge, and I love reading each and every one – keep them coming.  Most of the emails are asking for tips and advice on how to successfully complete…

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Aug 01

The PALA+ Challenge has Launched

Earn Your Medal

The PALA+ Challenge officially launched last Saturday at Let's Move! DeKalb. Even if you missed the Olympic Fun Day excitement at Let's Move! DeKalb, you still have a chance to join in the PALA+ Challenge. All you need to know is right

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Jul 18

Getting Active The Fun Way

Hey guys, Lisa here again! I've been bad with my PALA updates (so sorry), but I have not forgotten to fit exercise into my schedule. In fact I've been focusing on fun ways to stay active this summer, that don't involve going…

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Jun 13

Starting Small

Hello, Blogosphere!  My name is Lisa Berggren and I am the Communications Director for C.H.O.I.C.E.S.. Today, I decided to follow Vanetta's lead and tell you a little bit about my PALA journey. I actually completed the PALA+ Challenge back in March with…

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