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Aug 06

Increasing Fruits & Veggies


For those of us following the PALA+ Challenge, one of our weekly nutrition goals is to make half your plate fruits and vegetables. All forms of count (fresh, frozen, canned in water or 100 percent juice, dried, or 100 percent juice), yet sometimes it is still difficult to fill your plate with the healthy stuff.  Here's few quick tips to make this challenge a little easier.

1. Choose fruits and veggies as a healthy snack. Even if you can't fill half a plate with fruits and veggies at mealtime, supplementing with snacks will help meet your goal. 

2. Choose fruits and veggies you haven't tried before.  Make mealtime fun trying new foods and flavors, and learning how to prepare these new treats.

3. Make your plate a rainbow. The more color on your plate the better.  Colorful fruit and veggie options contain the most vitamins and minerals, and offer the best health benefits.

4. Add a salad course before dinner that is full of fresh fruits and veggies.  The salad will help you reach your goals and fill you up with healthy options making you less likely to reach for dessert after your meal.

Ready to join the PALA+ Challenge? Visit to find out how to join.  We'll be bring you tips and advice throughout the next eight weeks to keep you on track, so check back next week for more!


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