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Jul 10

Happy Birthday, MyPlate!

MyPlate, the educational icon showing all Americans how to fill their plate with nutritious selections, celebrates its first anniversary this month. MyPlate teaches us to fill our plate with a little more than ¼ vegetables, a little less than ¼ fruit, ¼ grains (at least half of them “whole”), and ¼ lean protein, topped it off with a glass of 1% or non-fat milk. To learn more about MyPlate, visit

For hands on MyPlate fun, join us at the 2nd Annual Let's Move! DeKalb from 10am-3pm on Saturday, July 28th at The Exchange Park Intergenerational Center, 2771 Columbia Drive in Decatur. Click here for more information on the event.


MyPlate is 1 year old. Click here to wish MyPlate a Happy Birthday!



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