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Jun 19

Off To A Great Start With Camp Divas

Camp Divas kicked off Monday with a bang. Usually the girls are shy at first and it takes a bit of time to get comfortable and relax. Not Monday.  We started off decorating journaling notebooks and then gathered into a big circle to talk with Miss Universe Jamaica 2012, Chantal Zaky. She was fantastic chatting with campers about their lives, their fears, and their dreams. Soon there were plenty of smiles and giggles. She encouraged the girls to make small changes every day to reach their goals (including better health). She was so gracious and the girls were really taken with her. Then came Jeffrey Adams of Body By Jeffrey to teach the girls a little Kardio Krunk ~ so much dancing & moving many of our pictures came out blurry. Again, more big smiles and laughter.

Chef Ashley prepared meals and snacks and the girls quickly learned that healthy food can, in fact, be deeeelish!  Chef Ashley will choose a group each day to assist her in the kitchen and, of course, that was a big hit. After lunch, Olympic Trainer, Bernard Foster spent time talking with the girls. His story of working hard to overcome difficult injuries and surgeries and his strong, healthy, happy life today really had the girls mesmerized. He gave the girls a few challenges and will be back later in the week to see how they're doing. The afternoon was spent on nutrition education ~ eye popping, hands on activities that taught the girls (in a very visual, tangible display) how much sugar is found in drinks, cereal, candy and more. We also ran through "Water In the Body". At the end of the day…journaling time. Don't know about the campers, but I tell you, the volunteers and I are exhausted!

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