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Aug 13

Peppers and more Peppers!

Is your summer over and have you started school? If so, what does your diet and excercise regime look like now? Are you eating out more? Are you chilling out in front of the television when you get home; or are you participating in after school activites? Please continue to follow as we promote and encorage each other to live happier and healthier lives!

Speaking of being healthy; Chef Ashley shared a recipe she prepared at home. I have yet to try it, but it is definitely on my weekend menu. The recipe is Italian stuffed bell peppers. Before you say yuck, here are some interesting facts about bell peppers.

Did you know this round and vibrant colored vegetable is high in antioxidents? Yep, you read correctly. The antioxidents found in bell peppers have been proven to prevent certain types of cancer as well as fight high blood pressure. Bell peppers are super low in calories. You could eat one cup of chopped peppers and only consume about 30 calories! The last interesting fact and added health benefit is the daily amount of vitamin C one packed into one small pepper. One small pepper has THREE TIMES the daily recommended dose of vitamin C. Whoa! Talk about a power vegetable!

Before I go, I ask one thing from you. This week visit your local grocery store or farmers market, purchase some bell peppers and prepare a meal! I will be sharing my  pepper story, and I would LOVE to hear about yours!


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