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Past Activities

January 17, 2011
Let's Move! Atlanta Expo Event
Martin luther King Recreation Center, Atlanta

February 9, 2011
First Lady Michelle Obama In Atlanta
Let's Move! Anniversary
North Point Community Church, Alpharetta

March 26, 2011
6th Annual Children's Nutrition Education &
Physical Activity Expo
Adamsville Recreation Center, Atlanta

May 21, 2011
Let's Move! Kennesaw Expo Event
Swift Cantrell Park, Kennesaw

June 14, 2011
Let's Move! Dekalb Resolution
Dekalb Board of Commissioners, Decatur

June 18, 2011
Let's Move! Dekalb Expo Event
Porter Sanford III Performing Arts Center, Decatur

September 17, 2011
Childhood Obesity Awareness Day Proclamation
Chambers of Governor Nathan Deal, Atlanta

October 1, 2011
Let's Move! Clayton Expo Event
Atlanta State Farmers Market, Forest Park

November 11, 2011
6th Annual Twilight on Childhood Obesity Benefit
Private Residence, Atlanta



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