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Jun 13

Starting Small

Hello, Blogosphere!  My name is Lisa Berggren and I am the Communications Director for C.H.O.I.C.E.S.. Today, I decided to follow Vanetta's lead and tell you a little bit about my PALA journey. I actually completed the PALA+ Challenge back in March with our Sisters in the L.I.T.E. Mothers & Daughters Challenge – WOO HOO! With the support of the wonderful ladies of this program, we worked together to set nutrition and fitness goals, and were able to keep each other on track through weekly fitness classes and online. Thanks, I couldn't have done it without you; the buddy system really does work!

Now I'm on my way to earn the Presidents Champions Award or as I call it – PALA Part Duex. Just like PALA+, you track your fitness activities at and with the Let's Move Atlanta group, but with Presidents Champions there are four different level recognitions you can earn depending on the number of points you earn for those activities: 40,000 points for bronze, 90,000 for silver, 160,000 for gold, and 1 million for platinum. And here's the best part, when you reach the platinum level twice, your name is listed on for the whole world to applaud your accomplishments!

There aren't any nutrition goals to set with Presidents Champions, but since goal setting has work so well for me in the past, I am setting small weekly goals anyway. Similar to the method we used in Sisters in the L.I.T.E., my weekly goals will build on themselves and not replace the previous week. For my first week my nutrition goal is to take a daily multi-vitamin. So far, I haven't missed a day ::knock on wood:: and thank god I don't have to take any medication daily because I always forget.  I've even got my husband on board (to be honest, he has missed a day but we're working on it). Taking a vitamin every morning had an interesting effect, I'm actually eating breakfast. Taking a vitamin on an empty stomach makes me a bit naseous, so I've got to eat something in the morning, which I notoriously forget most days. I am guilty of hitting snooze a few too many times, then running out the door sans breakfast (but never without my coffee) but hopefully this will be the first step towards healthier habits.  Any ideas for what my nutrition goal should be next week?

Join the challenge and learn more by clicking here.

PALA+ Challenge: Complete March 2012

Presidents Challenge Bronze Award: 5,771 out of 40,000pts earned

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