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  • "We have made a lot of positive changes since joining CHOICES. It has made a world of difference just being active along with the kids."  
    — Rob, member dad
  • "Choices has helped me to become a better vegetable and fruit eater. To be very active in Sports and the gym. This is a great place to be involved in and you forget about being shy."  
    — Nick, male  participant
  • "The kids are more active and they make better choices in the foods they eat and they exercise more."  
    — Michelle, member mom
  • "This place rocks. Everybody my age might like it. I have so much fun here."
    — Ayanna, female participant
  • "This program has really helped my daughter and myself become active. We are very thankful and grateful to be a part of the excitement."  
    — Alfeida, member mom
  • "I am very passionate about this program. It is so wonderful in building self-esteem. The whole concept is for the children to learn to maintain their weight, along the way learning more healthy habits."  
    — Lori, participant & trainer
  • "Choices has made a very positive difference…making adjustments to things that was new to us…this is a very good program to be a part of." 
    — Hercules, member dad
  • "In the past 2 years, I've learned a lot of nutritional things and exercising tips."
    — Sydney, female participant


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  • I don't like going to camps, but this one was so much fun…I have a new best friend.
    — Amanda
  • My favorite part was the "pool scrabble", we could swim and earn points for our teams.
    — William
  • I can use my hand to figure out what a portion and serving size is for me!
    — Christian
  • I hope we can come back in the Fall. I want my mom to come back with me next time.
    — Allison
  • We had real NFL players come just to see us…and they have to watch what they eat too!
    — James
  • We learned Karate and went to the Aquarium…my favorites.
    — Brittany
  • This was cool. I didn't think it would be so much fun.
    — Lisa
  • I'm not going to eat as many bad snacks anymore.
    — Marcus

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