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Jan 23

Tips to Keep Your Fitness Resolutions

It’s January.  You are at the gym, dutifully racking up miles on the treadmill.  Take a minute to look at the people around you.  Chances are, a good 20-30% of them will not be sweating alongside you by the end of March.  By then, they will have given up and fallen back into their old, less healthy habits.  If you are determined to NOT be in that number this year, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Make it fun.  Some people enjoy the variety of classes and schedules afforded in a gym membership.  Others cringe at the very thought of the “gym scene”.   The important thing is to find something active that you enjoy, something you find yourself looking forward to doing regularly.  Know what makes you tick.  If having a sense of camaraderie with others appeals to you, a tennis team might be just the thing.  If you seek asylum from a hectic, stressed-out schedule, why not try a Yoga class?  Does solitude sound divine?  Then run to your heart’s content!  Need a chance to let loose and even laugh a little?  The dance fitness craze has taken the world by storm and prior dance training is neither required nor expected.  Only you can say what fun “looks like” to you, and the options are limitless!

Make it important.  How do you get the undivided attention of someone, a professional for instance, whose job it is to help you with important matters?  You make an appointment.  Making time for your own undivided attention to your health is no less important.  Think of your exercise time in terms of appointments, and put those appointments on your calendar.  Use the term “appointment” when referring to your exercise time, too.  Both you and those around you are more likely to respect the time set aside for an appointment.  Besides, it’s a lot easier to say, “I’m sorry, I can’t.  I have an appointment,” than “Um, well, I thought I’d try to get in a quick run after work…if possible…unless you need me to help you with (insert favor here).  No big deal, though.”  Barring certain circumstances, you generally don’t owe people an explanation regarding your appointments.  You do, however, owe yourself a chance to reach your health goals.

Make allowances.  So, what happens if you miss an appointment?  You re-schedule.  Simple as that.  It’s not the end of the world, nor should it be the end of your exercise aspirations.  Things can and do happen that warrant missed appointments.  Deal with them to the best of your ability and get back on track as soon as you can.  Missing a day or even a week is nothing to worry over.  After a couple of weeks, though, apathy sometimes sets in, threatening your commitment to the goals you’ve set.  Now, that IS something to worry about.  So don’t play the “all or nothing” game.  Like they say in Jamaica, “There are no problems here, mon…only situations.”  And, my friends, situations tend to be temporary.

If you simply must make resolutions for 2012, make sure they include a nice, customized combination of both fitness AND fun!  Go ahead!  Find your thing, your drive, your mojo!  Get out there and play!  Give yourself the time you deserve and treat it with respect.  Go with the flow, but never let go! 

Maureen Krivo


Guest Blogger – Maureen Krivo is an AFAA-Certified Group Fitness and Kickboxing Instructor, as well as a Certified ZUMBA Instructor.  She leads CLUB JAM, a high energy, high fun-factor approach to dance fitness, through Kennesaw Parks & Recreation.

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