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Feb 05

Veggie of the Month: Exotic Vegetables


Every month the CDC highlights a fruit and vegetable that should be in a healthy diet.  February's veggie is Exotic Vegetables.  The CDC Fruits & Veggies Matter Website is highlighting three exotic vegetables this month: Calabaza Squash, Chayote Squash, and Bitter Melon (also a member of the squash family).  These exotic vegetables are becoming more and more popular and readily available at local supermarkets.  Members of the squash family are generally a great source for vitamins C and B1, and are high in folic acid, fiber, and potassium.    

Add some exotic vegetables to your table this month.  It's a great way for the whole family to try something new and add some variety to your typical weeknight dinner.  For more on the vegetable of the month visit:  From there you can find out nutrition information and new recipes. 

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